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Urban Concepts

vision, expertise, and a track record of success

  about us

Urban Concepts is a leading provider of premium, urban property development in Western Australia.

Between property development, development consulting and project management

Since its establishment in 1996, Urban Concepts has outstripped all growth forecasts in terms of the number of projects managed and their size, and has been involved in projects totalling over $150 million with a substantial pipeline of work in progress.

Our focus
In the recent past, the demand for integrated inner city housing has significantly increased due to a rapidly changing demographic seeking conveniently located residential stock close to work and recreational opportunities. The traditional quarter acre block is being replaced by a variety of housing styles including single housing on smaller lots, townhouses, and apartments close to the city and transport systems. In turn, this increased residential density has created additional demand for retail, commercial and entertainment outlets.

Urban Concepts specialises in creating mixed-use developments and multi-dwelling projects that meet the demand for such integrated city housing.

Our aim
Through expertise and Best Practice, Urban Concepts seeks to contribute to the excellence of property development, design and building in Australia. Our aim is to achieve these goals while simultaneously respecting the surrounding environment and enhancing the communities in which our developments exist.

Urban Concepts engages leading architects, builders and consultants in the pursuit of outstanding, quality properties. Our commitment to quality is always reflected in our finished products that we deliver on time and to budget.

Urban Concepts' residential and commercial properties can be bought directly from us 'off the plan' or as finished products.

Our Guarantee

  • Project Guarantee
    Urban Concepts encourages off-the-plan sales. However, we understand that purchasing off-the-plan can appear risky to some investors what guarantee do you have that your apartment or unit, for which you have paid a deposit, will be completed? For this reason we offer an unconditional, money back guarantee so that if for any reason building does not go ahead your deposit is refunded to you in full.

  • Rental Guarantee
    Urban Concepts will guarantee the rental income on any of its properties for the first 12 months at 5-5.5% of the purchase price for residential properties and 7-8% of the purchase price for commercial properties. This is done to demonstrate confidence in the rental ability of our properties giving the purchaser peace of mind on their investment.
For more information, click here to download our company profile. Urban Concepts specialises in creating mixed-use developments that meet the demand for integrated city housing.

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